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do not only Live on Purpose but they Give on Purpose and thus Change the World through VISION.  Our workshops travel to MOPS groups, girls and boys homes, churches, and to people in financal need.  We do not want to limit anyone from discovering the person they were designed to be. Therefore, for every $100.00 that is attained through everyone giving, ONE person recieves all the materials and training so they can attend the worshop worry free. Thank You for chaning lives by parnering with us. - Blessings,  Mary



Your tax deductable donation can be given by check or through The Palms Church web site.  MiDestiny Center has been able to sponsor and inspire 30 incredible individuals.

Thank you for Giving on Purpose - Changing the World!

Donations towards Project: Home will be filtered through The Palms Church.  All donations are tax deductible to you and your business. SCROLL DOWN to make your donation. Thank You for making a difference.

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