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 Join Our NEXT Vision Workshop

For more iformation on our NEXT Vision Boarding Class, please EMAIL me directly.  I cannot wait to talk with you.

- Mary Stahl

$100.00 includes your book and materials.


I have been to two REVIVE Ladies Conferences hosted by Pastor Mary and the highlight of each was her messages. She has a gift of reaching deep down and being real!  I can not wait to hear her next message and since she gets to speak often - that is perfect.

- Jessica Hodges, Project Facilitator/Administrative Assistant

I love the way Mary begins every meeting.  Everything is organized - making it all very easy to understand and remember. The words she uses from the book intertwined with the Word of God and great stories, causes what she teaches to provoke deep thought. Her class has helped me to change my thinking and to better my life.  Thank you Mary for using your gift of teaching to help others improve our lives. GBY forever!


 - Maria C. McClain, MA

Eligibility Enrollment Specialist.

I have been greatly encouraged to focus on God's purpose for my life and those things that really matter in life. Many times we get distracted and need visuals to keep us on track. Through my vision board, I am daring to dream, declare positive truths for my life and believe.  I thank God for bringing this class into my life.  It has been uplifting and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to live a life of purpose.

- Yolanda Fontanez Guzman, RN BSN

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