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Mary's New Book

My purpose for writing this book was to help families, new friends, and marriages be strengthened, remembered, and enjoyed. The vision for this book was to create many fun and interesting questions that when answered, would keep individuals focused on each other and what was happening in, "their world" rather than on what was happening on social media or in the world of others who do not directly contribute to the relationship. Using guided and specific conversation starters will springboard discussion onto different topics that are generally not thought about on nights out. The light heartedness and the details in these questions will create positive moments that will cause those at your gathering to say, “that was a really great time". That is why Conversations on Purpose really will make a positive difference in your relationships. Date nights, long travel time, a night out with friends, small groups at church, and family time will go to a whole new level when different topics are introduced. Sparking fun times could really be as simple as buying this book and taking it with you next time you are out! Here are some examples questions: "If we had a treasure chest, what three memories about our relationship would you put into the treasure chest?" "Did you have a clubhouse or a hide out growing up? Where do you go now to be alone?" many more. 

Coversations On Purpose Book

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