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Live on Purpose     Change the World

Life Coaching

A Life Coach helps you find and develop the path and the program you need in order to get you to where you want to go - just like a sports or music teacher helps their students.  I work for you and with you.  Contact me today for a free consultation and see how can help you reach the next level in your life. (Focused areas of Growth: career, family dynamics, relationships, personal growth and development, parenting kids and teens, student self-esteem)

Organize your HOME

Weather you need someone to work with you and help you organize or someone to do the work for you. I can help you.  Systems, zone, purging, decluttering, and order are all  needed to move forward into greater vision, strength, and freedom.  I work on an hourly rate and your budget determines how much we get done.  For an assessment and help, contact us today.   Little by little or all at once, change will be seen by the end of our time together.

Vision Boarding Workshop

Many people drift through life while others seem to "drive with purpose".  I can help you DRIVE. Throughout the year I lead people through a Living on Purpose - Vision Board Workshop were they actually create their very own Vison Boards.  These one day, two day, or five week classes transfom and revolutionize lives. Read the testimonials and check out our course schedule.  I would love to meet you.   


REVIVE tables are organized groups of ladies of all ages that meet once a month, "on purpose" in order to connect and form closer relationships with others who have determined to "live on purpose" and move forward in life. The two hour meals include guided conversations that encourage us to dream, connect, share stories, and cheer each other on.  Contact us today to join one of our TABLES and wait and see what the greatness is all about.

MiDestiny Center

MiDestiny Center, which stands for Moving Into Destiny, exist to offer every individual and family LOVE, HOPE, and Healing.  I get to work every week with an incredible TEAM of people who have dedicated their lives to 'working on their lives" and then helping and encouraging others.  Contact us today and experience the beginning of a brand new you!  web site link is coming soon.   Life Purpose, Goals, and Vision Baording Workshop

MOPS Guest Speaker

What a wonderful opportunity I have every month to speak to various MOPS groups all over the surrounding areas.  My most requested topic are: "Finding Me is Not Selfish", "Personalities, Raising Your Kids According to their own Bent", "Identifying your Family's Love Languages", "Vision and Real Priorties" Click the above picture for  schedule and testimonies. 


  The Lord has used Pastor Mary mightily in my life. Through her honest way of loving and encouragement I have conquered strongholds that had held me back from serving the Lord fully. Pastor Mary's style is honest, caring and she is always striving to help us to see that we are daughters of the Most High KING!  Her anointing to teach and make practical the Word of God has enlightened our lives within our homes, workplaces and community. Pastor Mary's dedication to women and men is to lead us to be the most that God has created us to be! Applying her teaching to your life will change you in ways that will affect you with freedom, grace and bring peace to your life thru Jesus Christ.  2 Timothy 1:7 says, "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self discipline."   Pastor Mary's heart is revealed through her preaching and teaching and as she shares you will see that the Lord has her in your life for a reason!  Enjoy your journey as she leads you through the Word.

Gail Johnson - RN - CNOR

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