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Live on Purpose     Change the World


Mary specializes in teaching biblical principles to win at life and business. She will help you find your vision, achieve your dreams, and fulfill your purpose. Her enthusiasm for the word, the message, and life, shines through her stories, illustrations and delivery.  You will laugh, applaud, and really relate to her life messages.  She brings a message of hope in everyone of her presentations as her true gift to teach and lead are communicated fom the stage.  Whether in front of thousands or ten, everyone will leave more inspired and with more direction than when they came.


Affiliates Mary has worked with:


  •      MOPS

  •      Sherriff's Youth Ranch

  •      Leading It and Loving It Connect Live Groups

  •      Shelbyville Community Church Ladies Retreat

  •      REVIVE Woman's Conference

  •      Southeastern University Graduate

  •      Church Growth Consulting - Horizon Church

  •      The Palms Church Speaker, Planter, Administrator, Event Coordinator

  •      C3 Global Member

  •      Sunday Morning Pulpit Supply Guest Speaker






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